About Sema shock absorber

Sema shock absorbers are made of the highest quality materials. Whether you are looking for Sema  smoothie, performance , OEM , stabilizer shocks or twin power shocks, we have the high standard shocks you need. We offer numerous different options to customize your shocks for your vehicle. Since all Sema shock absorbers are made to order, customizing is not a problem. If you would like chrome or black shock bodies and different color components, we have set it up so you can do as your option for your special shock absorber. Since every parts and processing of manufacturing at Sema is done in a factory that is very special in suspension of lift kit and off road specification, you can be confident that when you purchase Sema shock absorber, you know you are getting the highest quality and performance of shock absorber that you never been experience before.

why sema shock absorber ?

-Sema Shock absorber is a very special shock absorber for high quality of shock absorbers
-The Sema Shock absorbers are produced with cares and valuable knowledge from over 20-years experiences; hence, it is believable that we have manufactured the good quality absorbers to solve the suspension problems.
-We have every length of the absorbers to response the customers’ needs
-We have applied our innovative technology for piston design for softer and smoother driving and better road holding.

  • OEM monotube
    Sigma OEM 2.0 front shock absorber